Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone, My name is Zawad and this is my blog! Well since you are on my blog I should tell you a little bit about myself. I am a university student currently studying mechanical engineering in my first year at Florida Tech. I’m a Virginia native, an explorer, inventor, builder of cool things, entrepreneur, and a “Lifestyle Enthusiast” (that’s a euphemism for impulse buyer). I’m new to … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Raspberry Pi Zero W Headless Setup Guide (Windows)

I recently acquired a Raspberry Pi Zero W, the latest and greatest in the Raspberry Pi computing platform. I have decided to create a full guide that will allow you to get your Raspberry Pi Zero W up and running without the need to ever connect it to a display or any other peripherals. After scouring the information super-highway known as the “Internet” for ways … Continue reading Raspberry Pi Zero W Headless Setup Guide (Windows)

Lil’ Power Pump, bringing power to rural nations

As I have mentioned before I am a freshman at Florida Institute of Technology studying Mechanical Engineering. As all first-year engineering students, we have to take an intro course on whatever engineering we are majoring in. So for me, I was taking my “Intro to Mechanical Engineering” course.  Now, the school puts a lot of emphasis on hands-on experience so our professor introduced us to our semester-long … Continue reading Lil’ Power Pump, bringing power to rural nations

A hidden “Tako” gem in Orlando

I’m a bit of a foodie…ok maybe that’s an understatement. I’m a pretty big foodie and I think that’s evidenced by the fact that my best friend and I used to try as many restaurants and hidden food joints as we could find back home. We practically know all the food that’s worthy of being eaten (and those that are not) back in our hometown. … Continue reading A hidden “Tako” gem in Orlando