Quick Build #1: Galvaknuckles


I’m going to start doing these quick build series which is basically, as the name suggests, a very quick and simple build. This is my first one as you could probably tell from the title of this post. The idea is just to do some very fun builds that are easily replicable and most of these builds will probably take inspiration from video games or movies. I hope you enjoy!

The Build

So what are “Galvaknuckles”? Well, I sure didn’t coin such an absurd word like “Galvaknuckles”, only the developers of Call of Duty could’ve come up with that. I mean these are the same guys who made a map that had George A. Romero as an unkillable zombie wielding a spotlight as a hammer-like weapon. Anyway, for those who are not familiar with the cooperative multiplayer masterpiece, Galvaknuckles is from the game Call of Duty, specifically the zombies mode. Fundamentally, they are just some knuckle dusters with an electrical charge running through them making them deadly^2, cause knuckle dusters can be pretty deadly and so can electrical charges….so squared ya know. Anyway, one stressful night of playing zombies with my boyos (that’s uh slang for boys which is, ironically, also slang for close friends) they challenged me to build the galvaknuckles from the game by the evening. It was 3 am. I can’t say no to the boyos so I did it!

Here it is, the Zawad Industries Galvaknuckles! (Treyarch please don’t sue me for using your term)


It’s pretty simple in design and uses only a few components I had laying around. It only uses a battery pack with 2 AAA batteries totaling about 3V to pack a pretty good punch. The battery pack rests on the palm making it pretty ergonomic to hold while you are bashing zombie brains out. Honestly, 3V is not really even enough to create a spark so that black cylinder looking thing is a step up transformer and it steps up the voltage to somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 Volts! Might I also add that it was ergonomically placed to help aid in hand comfort while combating the undead horde?

SOO 200,000 V sounds a bit deadly I know, buttt the best thing about electricity is that the amperage is reduced so much when you step up a constant voltage that the shock feels more like a sting than a body numbing electrocution. However, should you need a body numbing electrocution the knuckles are designed to penetrate skin pretty easily with enough force. That would allow the electricity to propagate through your body through the water, electrolytes, and blood much easier than pesky insulative skin. The charge is activated by a switch that sends power to the transformer which sends power to the spikes up top. So yeah it can hurt but nothing serious by just touching someone with it. The frame is also very sturdy, its a 3D printed honeycomb structured knuckle so it should hold up to a good amount of zombie bashings. ALSO, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Here’s a quick video of it in action!


Well, that’s the build! Thanks for giving this a read and I hope to bring you more simple and fun builds!

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